Boston Black ‘N Rollers LORD ALMIGHTY Announce Fall U.S. Tour

Boston Black ‘n Rollers LORD ALMIGHTY have announced their Fall U.S. Tour 2016. Please get in touch to request guest passes for gig reviews and band interviews. Tour dates are as follows.


October 27 – Montclair, NJ
October 28 – TBA
October 29 – Charlottesville, VA
October 30 – Columbia, SC
October 31 – Raleigh, NC*
November 1 – Charlotte, SC*
November 2 – Atlanta, GA *
November 3 – Jacksonville, FL*
November 4 – Orlando, FL*
November 5 – St Petersburg, FL*
November 6 – Tampa, FL*
November 7 – TBA
November 8 – New Orleans, LA
November 9 – Nashville, TN
November 10 – Chicago, IL
November 11 – Indiana, IN
November 12 – Cleveland, OH
November 13 – Rochester, NY
November 14 – TBA
November 15 – Philladelphia, PA
November 16 – Baltimore, MD
November 17 – Providence, RI
November 18 – Brooklyn, NY
November 19 – Portland ME
* w/ Mo’ynoc


LORD ALMIGHTY released Paths late last year, leaving in its wake nothing but the smoke and ashes. Following in the  footsteps of 2013′ self-titled debut EP, Paths is the band’s first full-length album and features a crushing mix of Black Metal, Rock and Roll, and southern melodic stylings. LORD ALMIGHTY continues to pervade the greater U.S. with blasting brutality and epic melody.
“The album is split up into four parts or four paths, if you will. Each ‘Path’ serving as an intro to the next succession of tracks. There’s a lot of intensity within the album, each song is bound to melt your face with continuous riffs and an in your face attitude. Metal has always been strong in New England so you can’t really say there’s been a resurgence, but you can consider Lord Almighty among the forefront of the new breed around these parts.”
– Vanyaland

“Channeling primordial natural forces through hypnotic riffs, furious blast, solemn leads, and wretchedly evil vocals, Lord Almighty are four creatures who emerged from the earth to find each other in Boston and deliver some timeless black metal.”
 Toilet Ov Hell

“Black metal and black/thrash that skews in a more adventurous direction than most.” 
– Transcending Obscurity
“A mixture of black metal, prog and classic rock.”
 – The Grim Tower
“Lord Almighty certainly has a fire in their belly, but they aren’t above creating a few melodic moments as well. A grim opus.”
 – Metal Trenches
“A black-thrash metal hybrid with some beautiful melodies.
 – Glacially Musical
 “A  great  sounding  progressive black’n’roll  band.”
 – Occult Black Metal Zine
“Think Rush’s songs turned into black metal masterpieces.” 9/10
 – Autoeroticasphyxium Zine
“If you like you music interesting and stimulating, and varied so as to be aggressive and melodic at different times, Paths may well be for you.”
 – Eternal-Terror
LORD ALMIGHTY was formed in the winter of 2013 in a grimy Allston, MA warehouse with the express purpose of beckoning their listeners to defy the grind and get Back to the Woods!