Born of Ire are a relatively new band, that I have not really heard much about until recently. They are based in UK and Brazil and have created some of the best instrumental work I have heard in a very long time. Their style is mostly constructed from the 80’s era and is formulated along the thrash lines. There is a hint of US meets European, I can hear some influences shinning through in their music. One band that sticks out is Artillery from Denmark, I am not sure if this is purely coincidental, or deliberate, but, it brings back fond memories of yesteryear for me. There are also elements of the Justice era of Metallica, and Sepultura (end of 80’s) that arise from time to time, combine this with the early 90’s Hammerheart era from Bathory and tonnes of heavy riffing and you pretty much have the rough blueprint for Born of Ire.


As many of you know, I am an old school thrasher at heart, and after a few repetitions of this album, I have grown to absolutely love it! There are many intricate riffs, licks and harmonies that create such diverse listening, with every run through I hear more and more things that I missed on the previous hearing. I am not quite sure where to place them on the genre front, melodic thrash maybe, or possibly even speed metal, to coin the term from the old days!? One thing is for certain, Born of Ire have created a beast of an album, with further albums in the pipeline, they are a band to watch for the future! This is truly an epic album that any hardcore thrasher must have in their collection!