BLACK TUSK Bassist Jonathan Athon Killed In Accident


Yesterday the 9th November Black Tusk broke the news via their facebook page that Jonathan Athon and his girlfriend had been involved in a serious motorcycle accident. His girlfriend received minor injuries but Jonathan Athon was in an induced coma. Here’s the band’s first statement –

“Last night Athon and his Girlfriend Emily were involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Its my understanding that a car ran a stop sign in front of them and they had no chance to avoid a collision. He is currently in the ICU, and the doctors have him in an induced coma to monitor his injuries. Emily is currently coherent and recovering in the hospital. The doctors are telling us that all we can do know is wait and see. We will post updates as they become available.”

But tragically Jonathan Athon lost his fight in hospital and passed away much to the sadness of friends, family and fans of Black Tusk.

“It is with deep regret and saddened hearts that we must tell you that Athon passed away this morning from injuries sustained from his motorcycle accident. Doctors told us that he suffered irreparable brain damage shortly after the accident. He has been in a coma and sustained by life support until now. As per his wishes, we removed Athon from his life support systems and his organs will be donated. His body will be cremated and a memorial is being planned for family and friends in Savannah. He was 32 years old and will be forever missed. Thank you all for your support during this devastating time for us, it would have made him proud.”