Formed in 2013 in Florence, Italy, Black Orchestra have released an 3 track EP entitled Inhale Your Eyes. The EP was produced by Mascha Mysmane of Exilia. The Italian scene seems to have dwindled a little in recent years, with the exception of Fleshgod Apocalypse, I can’t think of any band that has made a big name for themselves in recent years.

Inhale Your Eyes, although being quite a short EP, it is quite entertaining. there are many genres compiled within the three tracks, ranging from classical metal to melodic death metal in parts.  There is also some parts that have a Alice in Chains vibe to the vocals and melodies. There is an excellent, quality video accompanying the track Resurrection, which is doing well, with over 3000 views already.

The overall feel to Black Orchestra’s music is on the dark side with a definite old school meets modern- day metal, crossing over Gothic elements with a touch of Nu metal blended in. I can’t pigeon hole Black Orchestra into one genre, as their style is so diverse. If you are a fan of old meets new, then you will sure to be like the Inhale Your Eyes EP.