Hailing from Louisville USA, the trio have released an EP conveniently titled Another EP! 6 tracks of sheer madness, fun and, of course Metal!

Belushi Speed Ball remind me of the early 80’s where bands were trying to have fun instead of trying to be the most evil, heaviest, hardest whatever on the planet. A great trip back in to a time where life wasn’t so serious. Listening to this EP, I can resemble them to early D.R.I, S.O.D/M.O.D, Spudmonsters, Green Jelly, The Vandals and Mucky Pup. The fun factor certainly is at the forefront of their music and, indeed their lyrics. The lyrics range from Spongebob to Spaceballs and arcade games of yesteryear. Musically, I can place them in any of the following Thrash/Tradtional/Punk. The music is an interesting topic really, as I am not sure if that’s the focal point or if it’s the lyrics…. either way, a great, true, non over-produced, over-mastered clean production. Just what you see is what you get, drums, guitar and bass! Just the way I like it! maybe it’s the old school mentality in me that just loves music in it’s purest form, or the nostalgic effect that is incorporated on this EP.

To sum up Belushi Speed Ball are probably not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but, to those of you who can relate to the old school metal from the days where plug in and play sounds were king, this will surely be a flash from the past in more ways than one! Then again, I am, not saying that only the older generation of metal heads will get whats going on, The fun aspect will be enjoyed by many, young or old.