Bestial Piglord is a solo project based in Kinston, North Carolina, USA who released their first album back in 2014, and have since released a further 5 albums!

Beastial Piglord have just released their new album, Sunder. Eight tracks of extremely heavy, brutal sounds! I am not even sure into which genre Beastial Piglord belong to be totally honest, by the name, I thought it would be an album full of squealing pig noises, but, thankfully that is not the case. I think the closet I can get is doom/ death metal blended with some groove grind core.It is rare that I get to review something this heavy without it being blast beats or totally distorted. Beastial Piglord have somehow managed to conjure up a unique sound both being extremely heavy, but yet with a darkened doom edge. With every listen I find something new in the tracks, but the sheer heaviness of this album still amazes me every time! I can’t really pick out a favourite track off the album simply because they all have their own distinctive vibe and eeriness.

I recommend Sunder to anyone who enjoys really extreme, original heavy metal.