Back To Eden hail from Melbourne, Australia and have just released their debut EP, Blackened Heart. 5 tracks of classic metal in the style of the glorious 80’s with a modern touch. This EP pretty much has everything that “modern metal” doesn’t! Powerful vocals, screams, epic guitar solos, proper song structures, melodies, harmonies, basically everything that the TV shows don’t play anymore.

Back to Eden have set the bar high with their debut, incorporating styles from bands such as; Accept, Dio, Quiet Riot, TNT and Judas Priest to name but a few. I have been waiting for a band like Back to Eden to come along for a long time, being an 80’s metal head, I have missed the classic sounds for so long now. There is only so many times I can listen to the albums from yesteryear, but this EP takes me way back to my youth. The power in the tracks is simply mind-blowing, it is as if the 80’s have come back with a bang! I am not a big fan of most of the new so called “metal bands” of today, simply because most of it is just fake, no drive, no passion, and it all sounds the same. Whereas back in the 80’s every band had their own distinctive sound and you could instantly tell within seconds what band was playing on the radio or TV without even looking. These guys, however have their own style, sound and hell are they talented!

So, if you, like me love the classic elements of the 80’s era metal, then Back To Eden are going to be of interest to you! The sheer awesomeness of the music is outstanding. With varying tempo changes, power chords galore, solid riffs, pounding drums and one of the most powerful vocalists I have heard for a very long time, you simply can not go wrong with the Blackened Heart EP.