AZREAL Announce New Single & Video.


Gold Coast grove masters Azreal have announced a new single ‘Cease To Be’ which was recorded and produced at Lovestreet Studios. Azreal are also making a video for the single through Her Name Is Murder Productions. The single is set to be released via Rabid Noise Radio show on September 4th.

Azreal vocalist Luke Hosking had this to say about the new single –

This song is really a preview of the direction we are heading for the next album. Quite a bit heavier and faster than some of our older stuff with a little more to it while attempting to keep our hooks and groove. I guess the verses especially and also the solo in this track are a bit of a tip of the hat to the thrash of our youth.

The new single will also be their first recording with their new drummer Chris Dennis (The Green Whistle, Portraits). I personally have seen the impact Chris has had on the bands live show and it’s impressive. Luke had this to say –

We are all fucking stoked to have him in the band. He really gels with the rest of us and the song writing, jamming and gigging process is running super smooth. The band now has solid direction for the new album and Chris’s beats, fills and general badassness add a whole new dimension to our music. Don’t suppose it hurts that he’s such a hot bitch either.

Listen to Rabid Noise Radio on September 4th to hear the premier of ‘Cease To Be’ at this location –