The German AXXIS rock legends have found time in between all the activities, tours and awards to record Retrolution. A lot of things have happened since their last release (Black and White albums), Marco had left the band shortly after the last album release, and Stefan Weber was recruited. I can honestly say, that, Stefan is a massive asset to the band, an absolute powerhouse! I’m not sure how to define his style, but it sure is the perfect blend of riff orientated, groove, power and outstanding leads.

The idea behind the album title is a wordplay on retro and revolution, bringing the old school influences back with a modern twist, but done the AXXIS way! the band have been around for nigh on three decades, varying their musical styles here and there, but never loosing their true sound. The roots of AXXIS have been firmly planted, and their loyalty to the fans is second to none!

The Retrolution album 13 tracks of solid metal tunes, from start to finish, strangely this time around there is no ballad (the closet to a ballad is Burn Down The House) or power metal tracks on the album. The 13 tracks have their own identities and in someway, depict different historical rock sounds and eras. I am not sure if this was intentional, but i can hear some Deep Purple, Led Zepplin in some tunes and some 70’s and 80’s sounds in others. Some of the tracks almost transport me back to a certain point in my life just with the atmosphere the track projects.

As one would expect from AXXIS the music is powerful, direct and loud, although it is more of a back to the roots, but without repeating themselves. I guess the easy way of explaining the album is, a solid ball of rock! An excellent album from start to finish.