Aussie Thrashers WARTOOTH Announce New Lead Guitarist and Upcoming Gigs; New Merch On The Way!


(Photography by Infected Monkey)

After saying goodbye to former lead guitarist and founding member Kyle Doggett, Wartooth has given a press release to announce his replacement and their upcoming shows.

“Upon the amicable departure of former lead guitarist & original member Kyle Doggett, we’ve found a new shredder in an old friend and fellow thrasher Tim Maastricht (ex-Kaustic Attack).

After leaving his previous band around the middle of last year due to disagreements within the band and personal issues, Tim has been craving the stage and is as hungry as ever to get back into playing and writing music that he loves. Tim has been a long term fan of the band since our debut gig and to have him on board is fantastic news! He fit right in from day one; he’s definitely one of the Wartooth brothers.

We’ve got a new level of explosive energy in the band now, both at practice and on stage (not that we were lacking before), and Tim even makes us play better! He’s had his fair share of experience too which means he was thrashing hard from the get-go. Tim’s exactly the guy we wanted and needed.

Tim had this to say; “I absolutely love my new position. It’s tough being the lead guitarist as there is more pressure” but he says it’s great because being away from vocal duties means more freedom for stage antics and moshing.

His first show with Wartooth was absolutely amazing! There was so much energy in that room and the pit was the biggest and wildest a local band has seen in this city for a long time. The fans really embraced him from the moment we announced him; everyone is really happy to see him back on stage!”

Comment by Tim Maastricht post Odinfest:

“Last night was a night I’ll always remember. I cannot be more grateful for the immense support I had and the ridiculous energy the pit exuded. There’s nothing more rewarding than putting every ounce of effort into your band, letting it all explode onstage and seeing such an intense reaction from all those around you.”

“The immediate future for the band will see us record and release our debut music video and new single “Thrash Attack”. We will be releasing it around mid-year and we’ve got a few interstate and Brisbane shows booked to spread the word. Anyone who has seen us before knows that you can expect crushing live performances every time! We’ve also got a stack of new merch coming as well.

We’re not here to fuck around; we’ve got stages to slay and audiences to win over all around the country and that’s exactly what we plan to do!”

Upcoming gigs:


June 3 – “Machofest” Taberah Album Launch (The Back Room)

July 1 – Garethstock VI (Greenslopes Bowls Club)

July 8 – Harlott / Mason tour show (The Back Room)


June 2 – Winter Warriors 2 (Bendigo Hotel)


July 21 – Deaf to All But Metal (Valve Bar)

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