At Home In Hell are a quartet haling from Montana who are set to release their new album Self Identified Deity on 5.5.19.

At Home In Hell have a distinctive sound that I am not quite sure in which category to place them, in parts, their sound is Thrashy with a Death/Groove vibe with chunks of modern Hardcore hammered in to add an extra boost to the mix. Self Identified Deity contains twelve tracks of some of the heaviest metal I have heard since the 90’s Death Metal boom. Vocally, the band have a very brutal guttural sound which I can’t compare to any band I have ever listened to. Musically, their sound is fresh and very unique, with blends of technical death metal riffs and groove of the highest calibre. A bit like Swedish Death Metal meets Soulfly with an extra portion of Obituary style Groove, except even heavier! One thing that I really like about Self Identified Deity, is that the structure of the music is very well orchestrated, each song is it’s own animal, no two songs sound the same, and every riff, every drum beat fits perfectly. Their are some industrial influences that shine through here and there, but, to me, that just lends more character to tracks.

One of my favourite tracks on the album is Just Another Story, this track takes me back to the early days of Swedish Death/groove gods, Grave. It has a vibe of the You Will Never See to it that is simply brutal and awesome.

If you are a fan of really heavy Groove, then At Home In Hell are a band you should check out, as I am sure they will find more fans once this monster of an album is released.