Artisian is a one man band who, already have toured with many of the heavy hitters of the Black Metal scene. Bands such as Gorgoroth, Marduk, Mayhem, Napalm Death, Enthroned, Anal Nathrak to name but a few. Artisian’s musical career has already spanned thirteen years, and during that time a quite impressive back catalogue of releases, 12 releases to be exact.

Artisian’s new release is entitled Wolves In the Mist, 9 tracks of pure dark, Black, Crust Metal. Whilst listening to this album I realised that there are some interesting influences worked into the music. Bands like early Bathory, Dark Funeral, Satyricon, Hellhammer and some crust Punk bands suck as Discharge and G.B.H, which make for some awesome listening.

Althought Artisian are a British act, there is a strong Norwegian/Swedish feel to the music, there is also a unique blend of Doom that, somehow, has been intelligently mixed in for good measure.

On the lyrical front, it is hard to pin point a distinct style, the best description I can give is early Tom G Warrior meets Quorthon with a guttural blast of Kam Lee.

One thing that has surprised me in a good way, is the lack of blast beats. I find too many Black Metal bands just hammer out tracks at 280 bpm and stay that course with no compromise. Artisian on the other hand, vary the tempo regularly, which I believe keeps the listener interested. There’s more scope, depth, feeling and power delivered through slower, structured tracks than just speed.

On the whole Artisian Wolves in the Mist is an excellent album, with varied blends of the Dark Genres. The album pays tribute to both the 80’s and 90’s styles of Black Metal with a cold, wind chilled vibe that could have been written in the depths of the Norwegian forests. The apocalyptic guitar sounds are just incredible. I am rather shocked that, in their 13 year career I have only just heard of Artisian. I am sure that the name Artisian will become more familiar with Metal Heads around the globe now they have signed with