The Canadian scene is booming at the moment with some excellent bands, the latest to make a name for themselves is Winnipeg’s Anomalism. Considering the quartet was only formed in 2018, they have already formed into a tight outfit and released their first EP, Parasitic Spawn. Five tracks of the finest calibre Tech Death.

Musically, Anomalism remind me of the mid 90’s era of Cannibal Corpse, hard, fast, brutal,and technically a cut above the rest. The Tech Death scene has been a bit quiet over the past few years, but these guys are sure to have some effect on that, I am sure! If you are expecting no holds barred blast beats, you will be disappointed somewhat, that is not to say that here is none, but, instead of playing 280 BMP, Anomalism blast in parts to accentuate the parts, which I find a lot better. Don’t get me wrong, they are still fast, and adding the occasional blast here and there gives the songs more scope, in stead of being monotonous. The vocals kind of remind me of a mix of Chris Barnes (Cannibal Corpse era) and Lars Petrov of Entombed. The musical talents within the band are incredible, I have no idea how many riffs, harmonies and solos these guys pack into one track, but they are all executed to perfection. Some parts actually to cross over into Behemoth style black metal, briefly, which is awesome, and proves furthermore how much talent these guys possess.

Anomalism are definitely a band to watch out for. If you are a fan of tech death, black metal then Parasitic Spawn is an album that you need to get hold of.