AMPÜTATOR’s ‘Deathcult Barbaric Hell’ Reissue Streaming In Its Entirety

The Greyhaze Records vinyl reissue of Deathcult Barbaric Hell from Floridian War Metal Scourge AMPÜTATOR is now streaming in is entirety, courtesy of Dead Rhetoric. Start a war at this location.
Greyhaze Records will release Deathcult Barbaric Hell on May 18. The debut album was originally released in 2007 on CD and cassette. The album has been remastered for the vinyl version.
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Check out the promo video for “Rape Kill Annihilate” below

Track Listing:
1. Rape Kill Annihilate
2. Gutterslut
3. Sarin Death Vengeance
4. Obliteration
5. Massacre Bloodhate
6. Slaughter of the Innocent [Repulsion cover]
7. With Hate
8. Extinction Deathmarch
9. Complete Butchery
10. Feasting on Vermin
11. Creed of Persecution
“Buzzing guitars with black and thrashy riffs, blastbeat assaults, and caustic vocals – it’s nonstop warring barrage on the raw and very brutal side of things.”
– Dead Rhetoric
“Superb and mandatory.” 10/10
Maelstrom Zine
This is gangrenous tramps in a vomit-smeared mudfight over a used needle, Bestial Mockery attacking Impaled Nazarene with Anaal Nathrakh’s removed rotting limbs.
 “If you like your Black Metal raw and brutal, this might just be what the doctor ordered.”