Agnostic Front – The American Dream Died


What can be said about Agnostic Front that has not already been said? Renowned as one of the founders of the hardcore movement at the beginning of the 80´s the band has gone from strength to strength to be where they are today, at the pinnacle of the genre! With many old school bands recently releasing albums, it was this album I was dying to hear. Sick Of It All and Madball both released awesome albums, but would this album top them? The answer is quite simply YES! Hardcore is back and is here to stay!


The American Dream Died defines once again just what the true sound of hardcore is, in your face, no hold barred, lyrics that will offend some, interest others, true stories from the streets of New York, massive punk vibe blended with a touch of metal!  This album is without doubt the heaviest and most brutal album I have heard in years, the sheer intensity of this album is unbelievable.


On previous albums, Agnostic Front have toned things down a little, a little slower if you will, with more grove elements, on this album, however, things are more back to the roots, short songs, more intense and to the point.


The unmistakable vocals from Roger and the hardcore riff master Stigma stand proud, punching the messages firmly into the brain. Drumming wise, Pokey, a name that should be familiar to many from his days behind the kit with Leeway, hammers the kit like a man possessed. Blend all these aspects together and you end up with an album set to stand the test of time, just like any other AF album, but tuned to perfection.


This album is a must for any serious hardcore fan!




1. Intro

2. The American Died

3. Police Violence

4. Only in America

5. Test of Time

6. We Walk the Line

7. Never Walk Alone

8. Enough Is Enough

9. I Can’t Relate

10. Old New York

11. Social Justice

12. Reasonable Doubt

13. No War Fuck You

14. Attack!

15. A Wise Man

16. Just Like Yesterday