Germany’s finest, and most highly respected metal band Accept hit back with their new album The Rise of Chaos. For those who have no idea who Accept are, where have you been for the last four decades!? The band achieved a massive following during the 80’s with former frontman Udo Dirkschneider. With classic albums such as Breaker, Restless and Wild and Metal Heart to name just a few. The band were also responsible for starting off the whole speed/power metal genre.

After a few line up changes and a few years off here and there, Accept have got the chemistry right and are here to stay. I know that there are a lot of fans who won’t listen to anything without Udo, being an old school fan myself I was a little sceptical when Mark Tornillo was first announced as new vocalist. To be honest I actually like his vocal style, it’s not a copy of Udo, but no one can replicate his vocals so why try?!

Overall the ten tracks contain exactly what you’d expect from an Accept album, heavy riffs, quality solos, harmonies, clever licks and kick ass rock n roll throughout the entire album. This album takes me back to when I first heard Restless and Wild in 83,I think, at the age of 8! The metal world was a great place to be in back then. Less bands , albums etc. Which meant it was easier to follow the bands tours. One track that sticks with me from this album is Analogue Man, I can strongly relate to the lyrics. Give me HiFi over Wifi any day! So if you like true metal then this is definitely an album for you! There are reminiscent riffs from the past that reoccur from time to time. The power chords are definitely unmistakable! Great album, still a great band, and always will be!