8 FOOT SATIVA Surprise Fan With Free Flights & Tickets


New Zealand’s 8 Foot Sativa have surprised one lucky fan in Australia by paying for his flights to New Zealand to watch 8 Foot Sativa play in their home country. The lucky man is Jamie Brooks of Melbourne who will get to see 8 Foot Sativa live for his first time.

8 Foot Sativa broke the news via social media with this statement –

Big thanks to everyone in Australia who has been helping us piece the tour together (we are getting there) really cool to see people keen to see Sativa in Australia.
One person who keeps on our case day and night is Jamie Brooks from All things METAL m/ granted Kiwis and Aussies have always been competitive so a challenge should be set.
Jamie has never seen 8 Foot Sativa live and he has never been to NZ either.
Jamie here is your air ticket to New Zealand to come and see 8 Foot Sativa, TAINTED, Bat Hawk, Setting Fire To Stacey & Lebowski in Nelson and Blenheim for the final shows on “The Shadow Masters Tour”. The challenge has been set,

Jamie Brooks gave me the following statement…

8 foot Sativa has remained one of my favourite bands for the last ten years largely due to what I think is one of the greatest and most underrated albums of all time in”Season for Assault”

So any promotion I have ever given them on my All things metal page was really for the love of the band and the best I had hoped would be maybe they would have a beer with me one day if they ever came back to Melbourne.

So to say I am absolutely blown away be this gesture is an understatement. I’m still in shock! I’ve never left Australia so I didn’t even have a passport which I have had to get one pretty quickly. So not only do I get to travel overseas for the first time, I am going to get to hang out with them and go to the final 2 shows of their tour.

I can’t even really express how happy about I am in words! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. For a band to do something like this is almost unheard of…so yeah I just can’t wait to get on that plane!!

8 Foot Sativa have received much pressure from the Australian public to tour, Their newest release ‘The Shadow Masters has pleased both old and new fans of the band. No dates have been announced as yet but it’s pretty safe to say Australia will be seeing 8 Foot Sativa soon. We will announce it here as soon as more information is available.