8 FOOT SATIVA Release ‘The Shadow Masters’ Title Song


In a day and age where technology has reshaped the music industry 8 Foot Sativa have self released another track via theaudience.com. The song is the title track named ‘The Shadow Masters’.

You may be familiar with last months campaign where 8 Foot Sativa were battling to get their last track ‘Summoned To Rise’ to the no1 position on theaudience.com website. Well it’s all on again.

8 Foot Sativa need your help to get to no1 during the month of August, should they reach no1 they will receive a $10,000 grant to fund their machine and tour abroad. Here’s how to help, play the track, like the band and share on your own social media pages.


The full album release date is 26th of August, Pre- orders are available here –  

For more info visit –