THE 69 EYES Drummer Jussi 69 Rocks A Finnish Liquor


A brand new drink spiced up with licorice and chilli was introduced in early April to the lovers of liquor with spice and attitude. The black and stylish bottle is easily recognizable thanks to the face of a well known rock star: The 69 EYES drummer, media personality and restaurant entrepreneur Jussi 69 gives his face to the new drink. The liquor has an alcoholicity of 21‰.

It is made in Porvoo, Finland, by Scandinavian Wine & Spirits, a producer and importer of mild and strong alcoholic products. The chairman of company’s board, Kari Uimonen, sums up the production process:

The liquor was completed at the end of 2016 after which we started thinking out the strategy for its international sales. From the get go we knew that such an original product demanded a very unique face on its label. We needed a person, who would attract people both in Finland and abroad. We started a list of such people. The list turned out to be short and there was no doubt that number one on that list was Jussi 69. The drink’s dark colour and chilli flavour are pure rock, just like Jussi. Lucky for us he absolutely loved the drink and didn’t hesitate to get involved with the launch of the drink. We are very proud of the drink and excited to have Jussi promoting it with us.”

Jussi 69 didn’t hesitate to jump on board:
“I’m very honored to be involved with the launch of this drink. I’ve always loved chilli and I’m very happy with the drink’s perfect balance between the sweet licorice flavour and the hot spice of chilli. The drink gives a perfect kick, not too strong, but not too mild either. The new drink literally spices up the variety of shots in my own bar as well as everywhere else. As a restaurant owner I know very well what people like and I am absolutely certain this drink will be a hit. I cannot wait for people to get a taste of this liquor! I am very proud to be associated with such cool and stylish product. Have a drink on me!”

THE 69 EYES will also return to Italy, Spain and Germany for several headline shows throughout the next weeks, before preparing another surprise for their fans in autumn/winter of 2017.

05.05.  E          Madrid, Sala Arena +
06.05.  E          Barcelona, Salamandra 1 +
11.05.  IT         Bologna – Kindergarten #
12.05.  IT         Milan – Elyon Club #
13.05.  IT         San Dona Di Piave (Venice) – Revolver Club #
19.05.  D         Berlin – Astra Kulturhaus *
20.05.  D         Rostock – Mau Club *
21.05.  D         Hamburg – Knust *

04.06.  D         Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig
17.06.  S         Subkultfestivalen, Tröllhattan
19.08.  F         Goth Dark Wave Festival, Tilloloy Castle

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