WALLAPALOOZA Festival 2013 Line-up Announced


‘”Original bands in South East Queensland have very few opportunities to play to decent size crowds these days due to pressure with cover charges and availability of venues. There is a few venues and promoters backing original music who are passionate and doing an amazing job, but their resources have been decimated with the closing of so many of the iconic live music venues in South East Queensland. The environment has shifted from one where it was hard to get your product heard through mediums but easy to build a loyal fan base through regular moderate scale shows, to one of the excessive mediums to promote a work of art with the exception of moderate size live gigs. The platform for all bands is live shows, the bigger the better. So, I created Wallapalooza.”

Wallapalooza is an all day event rather than just a line up of bands and now in its third year, has given thousands of people exposure to the best original music we have to offer. The day caters for all musical tastes with with everything from Metal to ska to pop punk and even hip hop. But here’s the kicker, Clark wanted to make it an event so he wanted more than just bands.

“In our first year we had a fire breathing and twirling show, the second year we built on this and had freestyle stunts shows in the car park. This year we have gone all out with the side show element and taken it to the next level,” says Clark. Wallapalooza 2013 will feature as Andy Clark would say his circus freaks sideshows which includes bed of nails, sword swallowers, carnage clowns, extreme juggling and unicyclist, over 8 hours of sideshow entertainment. There is also the option at an extra minimal cost for people to get special fx clown make up done to really get into the spirit of the day. This helps take the day from just a list of bands to something really special” says Andy, he smiles and adds “these are by no means ordinary clowns.” The day begins at midday and on of the main criteria Clark had when creating Wallapalooza is that there is no cover charge. “People will see all the 16 bands, the sideshows and a few other tricks we have up our sleeve saved for the day for free” he says.

“This is about taking away the barriers that inhibit some people from watching original music. There is no cover charge so you have no excuse not to come and have a look, also this is an event not a list of bands so we don’t promote what times each band plays, the day is set up like a good album, it’s designed to be experienced front to back, not like clicking on a song and downloading just that track, it’s to be enjoyed as a collective work. There is an abundance of sensory experiences to keep everyone entertained on the day, for the day. We have come under fire from certain elements for not advertising each bands time, it’s a free event, we want you to come for the day, not an hour” says Clark.He adds ”CIA has grown now and  Alicia Hennesy has joined the team and added great benefit through her knowledge of local independent artists has helped to create this awesome line up. Alicia’s back ground in design and passion for creativity has given us this iconic poster artwork over the last two years also. She is a big part of making this festival happen”


Wallapaloozas line up is exceptional this year with Smoking Martha (pictured), Azreal, Lets Jump Ship, Double Lined Minority, The Molotov, Ninth of May, Madison Kat, Velvet Ballroom, New Orkid, Lily Rouge, Slow Riots, The Name of A Ghost, Shepard, Boi Blue Feat. Codeine Green and Baden Knight, Skin And Bones and XT. The music and entertainment kicks off from 12 midday and runs through to about 10pm. Wallapalooza is held on Sunday 9th June Queens Birthday long weekend at The Wallaby Hotel, Railway Street Mudgeeraba. This is an 18+ event only. Come experience a day of fantastic original music and entertainment for free.