Unscaled Seven are a progressive metal band from Finland. It’s very rare that I get my ears blown off by bands these days, but the Trisect EP has just managed to do exactly that!

The first track off the EP is Exhaling Dust. The wall of sound quite literally blew the dust out of my ears. I like it when bands record tracks with no lyrics, it helps create your own interpretation of what the composition is all about. The second track Skies By Grain is slightly mellower, but make no mistake there’s plenty of power, awesome guitar parts, scales and enough harmonies to keep any guitar junky happy for weeks trying to copy the licks.

The final mind blowing instrumental is Trisect. This track smashes everything in it’s wake. The drummer pounds the kit into ash and dust, solos that can only be compared to as Steve Vai on a death metal trip. There’s more tempo changes and riffs on this track than kills on a Rambo movie!

Total excellent EP that will shatter your brain cells for ages to come. Musically, it’s a blueprint for silent film, just add your own dialogue and scenery. Very imaginative, very brave thing to release into the metal world. Unsealed Seven let their music do the talking.