Thir13en – Deliverance


This Hertfordshire based band formed back in 2011 with brothers Charles and James Bryan. They began gigging at small venues with friends in 2012 and built a strong local fan base. At this point they recorded a three track EP and this allowed them to gig more and create more of a name for themselves. They supported Voodoo Six just before they flew off to Europe to support Iron Maiden.

In late 2013 the band has some unfortunate news with the departure of their drummer and guitarist. Whilst on the hunt for new members they felt it was time to re-enter the studio to embark on the journey of their debut album ‘Deliverance’. Without a drummer though things looked bleak until Elliot Wringe stepped up and tracked the entire album for them. Production continued and Tom Jeffrey (Shattered Glass Studios) assisted with the guitar and bass tracking as well as some of the writing. This wonder team worked long and hard at putting together something that has amazing production and a new and exciting sound. The riffs and lead guitars on this album really are something special along with the vocals from James and backing vocals from Charles.

Having spent time in the studio with the guys and offering the odd suggestion here and there, the main influences were undoubtedly fried chicken and a selection of beer along with some Trivium and Slipknot!

Not only am I incredibly impressed with the effort put into this album but with the finished product as well.

Thirteen have released their album for free online and it can be heard via their Facebook Page

Give it a listen and show these guys some support, now with a full line up they are starting to gig again and I am very curious to see where the heavy metal road takes them!

Track List:

1. Deliverance

2. Warlord

3. Judgement Day

4. B.S.O

5. The Fallen

6. Isolated

7. Aubade

8. Delirium

9. Blood Runs Cold