It’s been quite some time since I last reviewed an Australian band, so when I was offered the new Therein Single to review, I jumped at the chance. The trio hail from the suburbs of Brisbane, and have a refreshing style that, quite simply is mind blowing. The band previously had one other release that I am aware of, but sadly have not heard yet.

Their new single is called Divide, and it is probably the heaviest piece of metal I have heard from down under in a long time! How Therein have managed to combine, Death metal, Jazz and Progressive influences without their music sounding weird is beyond me. There is a strong Death influence in the guitar riff structures, which combined with the Pestilence (Sphere era) creates a whole new world of insane music. Complex timings and extreme heaviness are the key attributes to the Divide single. If you imagine Rush on a death metal, then this is probably what the outcome would be.

The initial riffing has a Death Human meets Individual Though Patterns structure with the mid section Jazz, Progressive part breaks up the heaviness briefly, but cleverly makes the following part sound even heavier! Rest assured that your ears will receive a severe battering from the onslaught of riffs and intense drumming that is unleashed within the Divide single. If the riff assault and bludgeoning drums are not enough to win you over the, the guttural vocals add yet another layer of aggression to the mix.

If you are into extreme music which is a little out of the norm, then Therein are sure to be a great new addition to your playlist! Another great band from the ever growing Australian scene.