The Offering hail from Tampa Florida, and already in the short history, they are creating quite a reputation on the underground scene.

Their debut single Rat King is a masterpiece that the metal world has been waiting for some time now. The Offering have some how manage to incorporate an enormous amount of high end traditional metal, with the technical ability that many established bands could dream of having.

The vocals range from classic metal to Warrel Dane screams and beyond. The drum work on this single has to be heard to be believed. It’s as if Nick Barker meets Dave Lombardo playing tech thrash. The guitar work is also second to none! It’s very rare that I hear a band and am blown away by the technical abilities of all band members, but The Offering have manage to ensnare me to the point of eagerly awaiting the full album release.

If your a fan of Nevermore, Overkill and Arch Enemy you’ll definitely love The Offering