Soundwave Festival Not Returning 2017 Onwards!


According to Arash ‘AJ’ Maddah, 2016 will officially mark the end of Australia’s biggest alternative music festival.

Responding to a commenter on twitter, AJ stated:
“Definitely No SW17. It’s a lot of hardwork, stress and risk in return for which we get hate and stupidity. #OverIt”


In response to another commenter asking for a “Guarantee that Soundwave 2016 won’t be cancelled” AJ responded:
“I’m doing my darnest to make sure shows go ahead. Once I know position, will let everyone know”

Sadly though, AJ also responded to another commenter asking if “Soundwave would ever be back” to which AJ simply said:
“Sorry Steph. I’m done after SW16.”


As far as we know, Soundwave 2016 is going ahead but it’s a sad day for Australia, Metal and Music in general to see a great festival about to have their curtain call. What are your thoughts on the end of Soundwave?