Reign of Fury – Death Be Thy Shepherd


Reign Of Fury are a British thrash band from the Midlands that were founded in 2006. Their style is style is a little different to any other thrash act I know of, I guess this is because of their own influences. It is obvious that the band are influenced by the old school style of metal, I can hear bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Xentrix, Running Wild, Helloween, Sabbat, Onslaught and many, many more. One thing is clear, they have set out to enjoy their music, and have definitely not followed any guidelines as to what their chosen genre’s boundaries have.


Death Be Thy Shepherd is a unique example of what happens when devoted metal heads take things by the horns, set their own goals, use their influences and in true metal style do things their way with no exceptions. It is very rare that a band comes along that blows me away like Reign Of Fury, some of their tracks actually take me back to the early 80´s when I was first starting out as a metal head, there is everything my ears need to cover all aspects of the style of music I listened to back then and, in a way, still do today. The spirit of their music is truly infectious! I hear so many bands trying to be the hardest, fastest, most evil band ever; these guys are not interested in any gimmicks or any trend that most bands follow these days to make it on TV shows. They do things their own way and play what they want. If I was to try and pick a favourite track from this album it would be hard, but, I think I would settle for All Is Lost, simply because it has so many different features, tempo changes, harmonies, and aggression that it simply covers ever mood I could encounter in a typical day. This is one of those albums that could be considered a serious contender for the eventuality of being stranded on an island, which album would I take.


This album is not only a must have for thrash heads, but also for anyone who is a serious metal head who just loves a variety of styles compiled onto one album.



01. Faustian Mastery

02. Harbinger Of Decay

03. Hypnotise The Masses

04. Gates Of Sanity

05. All Is Lost

06. The Love Of A Dying God

07. Sorrow Made Flesh

08. Death Be Thy Shepherd