Puncture Wound – Brutal Butchery Of Bargain Basement Bodies EP


Enter violence, death, cannibalism, vile thoughts and slasher horror themes! As I listen my sadist mind starts to grin at the quirky mess up of visions that is going from my ears to my mind – completely fueling my Death Metal senses. Anything less than these shock and awe themes I would have felt dissatisfied. This is Death Metal, we aren’t here to pick strawberries.

Puncture Wound from the Gold Coast, Australia are a Death Metal band in a perfectly heinous mould.

Made up of Alix Bandiera, on drums, Trigger Finger Trav on guitars, Beau Beale on bass, Pedro Bueno on guitars and Gene Waltham on vocals these guys are sure to pack a punch to your Heavy Metal guts.

Formed in 2016, Puncture Wound have given Death Metal fans an savage, “with intent to cause harm” 4 track EP titled Brutal Butchery Of Bargain Basement Bodies, which was released in 2017.

Listening to this EP you will hear hectic drum tracks smashed out by Alix, as she uses influence from punk and thrash which mixes so nicely with the Death Metal vibe. The Guitars of Trigger Finger Trav and Pedro Bueno are nicely built up, heavy to the listener and chunky no submission riffs that make you want to break your neck. Give us bass, and Beau does in brutal loads. All this put together and matched with the intense vocals of Gene….lets talk Gene. I can’t help but properly love the way Gene destroyed his vocals in my face, this was something I didn’t quite expect. That being, that Gene’s vocals are doom like at times, and low as can be let me give you the tip, however, matched with gutturals and screams where you can make out the psychotic lyrics and atrocious story being told. Winner! Tick, thank you!

Gorruption is where it is at, what a great track, strategically placed at the start of this EP. This is a heavy metal injection of cruelty. Lyrically it’s not pretty or nice and could possibly be offensive to those not use to the violence of Death Metal. Puncture Wound do the “not so nice” all too well. This track really had my senses going and my mind racing. I definitely felt my heart rate had elevated and blood pumping faster and harder at the completion of this aggressive and forceful 1st track.

Indiscriminate Slaughter is a track, which comes without warning by way of intro and is a SMASH IN THE FACE Death Metal cleansing. The drum track on this great song really is heavy and intense and rather unrelenting, which I loved so much. This track will have you shaking your head with a HELL YEAH for its full throttle pace, its deadly brutal guitar riffs, chunky bass and those vocals! Damn exceptional Death Metal vocals, with just the right amount of audible, just perfect for my liking. The breakdown at 2:16, had me in hell and like I often write; this track should also come with a warning. Careful when driving!

Barb Wire Suicide track is again another full throttle Death Metal assault. Those growls at the intro are viciously placed and leads into a frenzy of drums and guitars. The tempo of this track is fast paced and again merciless – with some brutal breakdowns and heavier than heavy moments the can be heard intermittently throughout this track. It feels like it just crescendos into total madness of the mind.

“Did I really start it? Would murder not exist if I didn’t kill that little shit? No one wants to go through this! I don’t deserve this, I don’t deserve this! Fuck GOD, because there isn’t one. If there was he wouldn’t let this happen”. Intro to Aceldama before your ears are pulverised with Puncture Wound’s intensity and ferocity. Absolutely loved this track, possibly the stand out for me for its sheer barbarism. As hard as it was to pick a favourite given all 4 tracks ooze viciousness in true Death Metal style, this one is it for me. The crazy menacing guitar at the end of this track was the nail in the coffin! What a band.

I cannot fault anything about this EP, it is extremely well “executed” and the tracks are strategically placed in order of horrific to gruesome, and eat, sleep, repeat!

Death Metal fans cannot listen to this and not get a good bloody buzz on. Extreme Metal Heads of other genres will enjoy it for its audible yet vicious and harsh vocal style matched with the powerful, vigorous and fierce music.

Puncture Wound are busy recording their first full length album, which is due for release in 2019. I’m very happy to know this! Its something I will look forward to.

You can purchase their 4 track EP Brutal Butchery of Bargain Basement Bodies on Bandcamp and also at their Gigs, which I encourage you to support. Follow these guys on FaceBook for recording updates and other general band information.