PointBlank are an American Grind/Industrial/Death Metal duo consisting primarily of Josh Jensen and Rick Wood. Together with guest musicians they’ve released the EP Pharmageddon. The EP throws everything at you including the kitchen sink. Every element of all metal genres can be heard, be it Grind, Industrial Black, Death and traditional metal, it’s all there.

There’s two version of Ten Twenty Two, the first is a heavy Ministry remix. This track goes back to the origins of Industrial Metal, samples and the retro feel are very impressively combined to create an excellent vibe that transports me back to the 90’s. The other version is more Death/Black metal sounding, resembling Darkthrone early releases. A very dirty, almost Crust Punk edge.

Alabama song, definitely has the 90’s Norwegian Black Metal vibe. If I didn’t know any better, I’d actually think these guys were from Norway, sitting on some icy mountain top or running through some dark forest. There’s an old feeling of early Immortal going on, which is actually really good to hear that, that spirit is still appreciated by musicians.

The last track is Welcome to your processed life. Now this track caught me off guard. I was not expecting clean guitars and an almost ballad-like tune. PointBlank certainly impressed me further with this diverse track. They show a very different side of their musical abilities with this track. Traditional Metal values shine through, before the Industrial sound kicks in again. This track certainly will find friends from all metal heads, as its complex arrangements and varying genre crossovers can offer something for everyone.

All in all, Pharmageddon is a unique EP that has made me reflect back to the start of the whole Industrial scene with bands like Bile, NIN, Ministry and Meathook Seed. A must have CD for any Industrial, Black, Grind fan’s armoury.