NE OBLIVISCARIS Announce Tour Of Asia


“Epic and overwhelming, Ne Obliviscaris is an ethereal experience best appreciated live. Hypnotic, majestic builds, walls of sound, broken with canonic sections, only to build again to a blast-beating maelstrom..” – HEAVY MAGAZINE

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, NE OBLIVISCARIS are intense progressive/extreme/melodic/violin-laden metal like you’ve never heard before. At times technical and complex and at others simple and subtle, Ne Obliviscaris creates an extremely original brand of metal that defies normal categorisation.Released in mid 2012 worldwide through Code 666/Aural Music & Welkin Records in Australia, Ne Obliviscaris’ debut album ‘Portal Of I’ has received rave reviews from every corner of the globe. ‘Portal Of I’ saw NE OBLIVISCARIS quickly rise to become one of Australia’s biggest metal bands, whilst also gaining more and more attention throughout the worldwide metal scene. The massive hype that has surrounded the band led to them recently signing with one of the worlds premier metal labels SEASON OF MIST, (home to Morbid Angel, Cynic, Mayhem, Arcturus, Solstafir & more), and the band is now set to embark on their first ever Asian tour in August, performing in Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, China & Thailand!

In a world where words like “original” and “unique” are thrown around so loosely, NE OBLIVISCARIS truly is one band that has gone out and created something extraordinary all of its own and one not to be missed live on tour this August!

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