Harriet is a very talent young lady from Derby. She has been performing since the tender age of 14. She has already performed at some of Europe’s finest festivals including Maiwoche in Germany, Edinburgh fringe, Y not festival and many more. Now at the age of 20 she is gaining world wide radio coverage and performing as a solo artist.

Hidden Messages is Harriet’s debut EP, 4 tracks of catchy rock, that, is original and very addictive.
I am not normally known for rock or acoustic artists, but the first time I saw Harriet’s video, I was blown away by her voice and aggressive acoustic guitar talents.

The lyrical content of Harriet’s tracks are something everyone can relate to, from all walks of life. The lyrics range from being an everyday teenager, and the things we’ve all been through during our own lives. The joys of being an annoying teen, finding your own true self, relationship issues, partying and all the other issues that are part of growing up.

Musically, Harriet’s guitar playing skills are very unique, it is very rare that an acoustic guitar can sound aggressive, but somehow Harriet uses her extraordinary talent to use her guitar as an additional effect to depict the message she is delivering. The vocals are, definitely one of a kind. I have seen a lot of bands and solo artists play all over Europe in my 30 plus years of actively going to see bands and festivals, but I have never seen anyone sing with such determination and power using just their voice and a guitar. It is hard to pin down one main influence or inspiration for Harriet’s style. One thing is for certain, Harriet’s voice will surely be heard, and her talent will lead her on to a very bright future in the music industry.