Gruesome – Savage Land


Gruesome are a band which contain members of Exhumed, Possessed, Malevolent Creation, Dekapitator and Derketa, who have dedicated their style of music to the early Death sound, from the Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy era. You may think, “oh it’s another Death cover band”, but you would be totally wrong! All the tracks on the SavageLand are original tracks, but played in the old school Death style.


It really is remarkable how Gruesome are able to write an album in this style. Why has no other band come up with this idea before? I know some of the members were involved with the Death To All tours, maybe this is what spurred them to write an album in this fashion. Whatever the reason behind the idea is, it was certainly an awesome idea!

SavageLand sounds like a old demo of songs that were left off the early Death albums, and just been discovered from a secret vault.


Being a fan of Death since they first came on to the radio waves when I lived in Germany way back in the mid 80´s I have always been fascinated by Chuck Schuldiner`s unique style of music, and now years after his passing on, Gruesome are here paying homage to the band who are the originators of the Death Metal genre.


The guitars are tuned to the exact tone, drums sound like Bill Andrews, the bass hammers out just as terry Butler’s and the vocals are easily mistaken, as if Chuck was actually singing himself. Everything sounds as it did back on those epic metal masterpieces from 3 decades ago.


The track called Hideous sounds as if it has most riffs from the entire Leprosy album amalgamated into one song, a truly epic track, probably the strongest on the album.

Psychic twin is another example of just who devastating Gruesome can be, the guitar solos on this track would get Chuck’s approval for any Death album.


I really must take this opportunity to thank Gruesome for this awesome blast in the past, re-living all the early years and celebrating Death, Chuck is still with us all in his music and that is positively displayed on Gruesome`s album.


Track list:

1. SavageLand 04:13

2. Trapped In Hell 04:25

3. Demonized 05:35

4. Hideous 05:07

5. Gangrene 05:28

6. Closed Casket 03:40

7. Psychic Twin 02:44

8. Gruesome 04:15