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  1. Fallen Legends

    As a memorial to the greats we lose and will continue to use, I thought it fitting to make a thread to celebrate their lives, achievements and give them a final salute. If you hear about someone famous or a celebrity who has fallen, feel free to post about it here
  2. What made you laugh today outside of the internet? Pictures, videos, stories.. here is where you post em
  3. See or hear something hilarious? Feel free to share with us here. Post a url inside image tags (below) or attack it
  4. Post Your Picture [2016]

    If you have photos you'd like to share of yourself or what you get up to, this is the place to post them guys!
  5. What Are You Currently Listening To?

    Post whatever you're listening to at the moment. Link a film clip if you like so you can share it with others! --- I'll start: No More Lies - Iron Maiden
  6. Post Count

    Just post whatever post count the person above you has. Starting with me!
  7. Tell Em What Time It Is

    What time is it currently where you are? --- I'll start: 12:08PM
  8. Current Thoughts

    Post whatever you are thinking right now
  9. Bottles of Beer

    Basically a counting game, but with beer eg. Person 1: 100,000 bottles of beer on the wall 100,000 bottles of beer, Take one down, pass it around... Person 2: 99,999 bottles of beer on the wall 99,999 bottles of beer, Take one down, pass it around... etc etc.. --- I'll start: Person 1: 100,000 bottles of beer on the wall 100,000 bottles of beer, Take one down, pass it around...
  10. One Random Fact

    In the spirit of the game truth or dare, minus the lame peer pressure set up, post one random true fact about yourself no matter how obscure or important. --- I'll start: I'm Swedish/Australian
  11. Word Chain

    Post a word that begins with the last letter of the previously posted word. For example: Water Red Dragons Swim etc ------------ I'll start: Begin    
  12. Word Association

    In the spirit of activity and general insanity I decided to bring back an absolute HARLOT of a thread. Basically post whatever comes into you head after the previous post. --- I'll start: Fish
  13. The Spammiest Game Ever!

    Count to a million! Go Go Go!! Just post the next number. No double posting! --- 1
  14. Welcome to Fresh Meat, the introduction centre of The Metal Review Forums. To create an introduction, simply click Fresh Meat above to return to the forum then click "Start New Topic". You can make the topic title something distinct, or a simple "Hello" is always good. Next, in the main body of the page, type your introduction. It can be as long or as short as you like - just tell us a little bit about yourself and your interests! Here is a quick questionnaire you can complete to help us get to know you a bit better. Feel free to copy and paste this into your introduction - also, you may add or remove as many questions as you want What is your favourite movie? Who is your favourite band/musician/singer? What is your favourite website? What is your favourite video game? How did you find The Metal Review or our Community? Have you ever used a forum before? What do you think of the place so far? I hope you have found this guide useful. Please post an introduction topic, have a look around, and stay a while hopefully you find this place as fun as we do!!