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  1. News and Updates

    1. News and Announcements

      Any and all important main site and community news and future announcements will be posted up and logged here.
      Stay tuned for updates!

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  2. General

    1. Fresh Meat

      New to the community, headed off on holiday, returning or leaving?
      Post a thread and let us know here.

    2. Random Crap

      Like posting or being involved in pointless and spammy crap like post games and themeless chat threads?
      This is the place for them so go nuts.

    3. General Discussion

      For any and all sorts of serious discussion from politics to current events, debates and philosophy, etc
      It all goes in here.

  3. Entertainment

    1. Music

      Any and all music, band and genre related discussions go in here. Pick a genre and post to your hearts content.
      Shine a light on obscure bands, ask opinions, etc

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    2. Movies and TV

      Talk about movies and TV shows.

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    3. Video Games

      Discuss the latest in gaming and all sorts of game related topics.

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    4. Comics and Literature

      Discuss anything from comic books, poetry and novels here.

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    5. Anime and Manga

      Discuss all Anime and Manga related topics here.

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    6. Sports and Fitness

      Sports of all kinds, health and fitness related discussions should go here.

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  4. Bands and Equipment

    1. Creative Works

      Have you recorded or written something you want to show off or are seeking peer critique on? Have you artistically made or created something? This is where you want to show it off.

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    2. Buy and Sell

      Looking to Buy or Sell gear, instruments and equipment? Post about it here but be sure to include a your country/state.

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    3. Band and Gig Promotion

      Has your band got an EP/Album, Merch or are you playing an upcoming gig? Do you have a gig flyer to post. This is where to post it but don't forget to add the country, state, date and entry fee for gigs and prices and locations of purchase for EPs/CDs/Merch!

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    4. Bands/Band Members Seeking

      Looking for a band or a member? Maybe you'd just like to collaborate or play a gig together. Here is the place for threads of that nature.

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  5. Troubleshooting and Feedback

    1. Tech Center

      Computer problems or questions? Do you wish to impart your overwhelming knowledge of computers upon us? Want to talk about that latest graphics card or new gaming rig you're building? Phones, tablets, MP3 players? Forum problems or suggestions? You've got questions, we've got blank stares.

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    2. Help and Support

      If you are having issues with the community or main site, free free to seek help from moderators and TMR staff here.

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    3. Feedback and Suggestions

      I you have suggestions on how to make things better, feel free to let us know. If you have feedback, we're always looking to improve ourselves.

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