Fly Agaric hail from New South Wales, Australia. The quartet formed in 2006, during the past 11 years they have perfected their style of stoner rock/doom metal. Fly Agaric have just released their awesome new album called Amanita Muscaria. This release contains seven tracks of the finest riff driven, doom, stoner, progressive rock that I have heard in a long time.

Fly Agaric’s album, to me, crosses all manner of borders, from Stoner, Doom, Prog, Grunge and classic Rock. The track Spare Me for example, has a definitive Grunge sound to it’s main riff passage, that would quite easily fit any Soundgarden Album, whereas We Will Be One is a bit more up tempo and has a Punky vibe to it, but yet still has a firm Stoner themed riff to it. Black Clouds is another track that stands out, due to it’s more melodic, mellow construction, it reminds me of Black Sabbath’s Vol 4 album.

Vocally, Fly Agaric have a very individual sound, that I have not yet heard, and can not even try to compare with any vocalist. The vocals just seem to gel everything together. Their mellow, harmonies help project the message across along with the vocals with distinction. Although the band are very riff- driven, there are times where the simplest harmonic or some distortion create a totally different vibe, or feeling.


If you are a fan of Grunge, Stoner, Classic Rock with a good helping of Progressive Rock, then Fly Agaric are sure to be a good find for your collection. With an album like Amanita Muscaria, the band are sure to be discovered by a label soon, it’s only a matter of time before these guys go global.