Fireproven were founded in 2008 and hail from Finland. I actually thought the Finnish metal scene had died out, I’ve been proven wrong.

Fireproven have released an excellent three track EP Omnipresence, which, in all honesty is the same length as most full length albums.

The EP kicks off with New Born Truth, an absolute belter of a track that reminds me of the early Atheist material. Big guitar sound, precision bass playing accompanied by drums being pounded like swords being hammered on an anvil ready for battle. The fascinating thing about this band is the way the keyboards orchestrate the mood and change the settings, it’s kinda like watching a Sci-fi film. Very clever the way this track has been composed.

As Above So Below is slightly more uptempo, with a heavier tone. This track makes me think of a modern version of Rush, the structures and harmonies are truly amazing. The keyboard solo is out of this world, it would be interesting to hear a dual solo with the guitarist to add slightly more dynamics.

The final track on the Omnipresence EP is an epic three part 10 minute long masterpiece. This track paints various images in the mind. The track features a uptempo real heavy, almost 90’s death metal vibe in the style of Morgoth’s Pits Of Utumno. Very dark melodic breaks, the latter stages of the track are reminiscent of the War Of The Worlds original epic musical.

All in all this EP should find a lot of friends through the metal world. One thing I just say, is that I’m glad the band have not decided to play everything at 400 bpm like most progressive metal acts do these days. The future certainly looks bright for Fireproven.