Dratna is a one-man-band from Belfast Ireland who have previously released three EPs. The new release is entitled An Cath (The Battle) which contains four tracks of Northern Black metal.

I have kinda lost touch with Black metal over the last few years, but, Dratna have captured the atmospheric, eerie vibe that the Norwegians prided themselves on in the 90’s boom. Dratna have gone down the slow and heavy route, in stead of the symphonic or blast beat varieties of the genre. Thankfully, there is some melodic passages throughout the EP which I do prefer.

An Cath contains only four tracks, but the length of the EP could easily be mistaken for an album. With 2 tracks over 8 minutes in length and another with over 6 minutes, and the last track being over 4 minutes. I have albums that are shorter in length lol. If you are wondering if all the tracks sound the same, then the answer is NO! Each track is its own animal, with its own distinctive sound, vibe and personality.

I would strongly recommend fans of atmospheric Black metal to check out Dratna, excellent keyboard work, great riffs and  melodies, harmonies that become ear-worms. For fans of Burzum and other atmospheric Black metal bands.