DEVAST Reforms


Recently reformed death metallers DEVAST, return with their second and most extreme studio offering, Into Decimated Reality. DEVAST treats its instruments as weapons of mass destruction and seem to have no concern for providing the listener with a tool for meditative thought and surely are not concerned with the creation of a relaxing atmosphere. An apocalyptic and destructive concept of the human world and remarked structure in the veins of brutal technical death metal band such as Origin, Dying Fetus, Internal Suffering, and more. After a 6 year hiatus, relocation and new line up, DEVAST proves that no boundaries can stop the technical death machine entitled “Into Decimated Reality”

Featuring artwork by Tony Cosgrove (Stages Of Decompostion,Saprogenic, Syphilic), Into Decimated Reality was recorded at Rockoletta Studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina and was mixed/mastered by Mahdi Riahi at Painful Productions in Germany.

Into Decimated Reality Tracklisting:
1. Remains Of Human Decomposition (Intro)
2. Physical And Mental Affliction
3. Torture And Suffering With Archaic Process
4. Condemned And Slaughtered Unmercifully
5. Dismembered Alive With Extreme Violence
6. Eradication
7. Radical Excruciation Concept
8. Cruel Methods Of Punishment
9. Humans Pushed To Commit Self Genocide

Devast are:
Idir “Morbid Desecrator” (Vocals/Guitars)
Draconum Oth (Drums)
Markos Guevara (Vocals)
Nicolás Soto (Bass)

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Into Decimated Reality is set for release 03/09/2015 in UK and 03/10/2015 in the U.S. via Gore House Productions as CD and Digital