Dessiderium is a solo project of Alexander Haddad, who also plays in the following bands: Nullingroots
Depraved Heretic. I am not quite sure into which sub-genre Dessiderium are best suited, but I can try and describe the album Rain Gates is best suited. There is a huge element of Norwegian Black metal influences merged into this project, especially the musical aspect. You can clearly hear Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir to name just a few that I can pick out from the wall of epic guitar riffs. Vocally there’s a crossbreed between old Danni Filth and Immortal.

It is quite amazing that Dessiderium have managed to create such an awesome album containing some of the most intricate guitar work I have heard in quite some time. There are moments of excellence, where Black meets Death then sudden changes down a gear and becomes almost Melodic Death Metal. According to the bands Website the band have been quoted as being “Blackened melodic metalcore!” I seriously can not hear any relevance to any of these genres. To me it sounds like an Blackened Death Metal with a melodic edge in parts.

One thing that is clear to me, is that, Dessiderium have their own distinctive sound, that, I believe, stands out above most bands in this category.

Dessiderium are a band sure to find a lot of fans in all manner of the metal world, purely due to the diverse structures and insane musicianship displayed on the entire Rain Gates album. Each of the seven tracks on this album have their own personality, which is quite unique in this day and age.