Dendera – Pillars of Creation


Where to start with this band? I met them a few years ago in Portsmouth whilst they were providing support at a venue. I can honestly say I was blown away by their performance.

Having formed in 2010, Dendera (a Hampshire based band) began gigging in 2011 with their EP ‘We must fight’. They began in local venues providing support but very quickly built up a huge fan base and began to headline shows. They released their debut album ‘The killing floor’ in 2013 and continued on a successful heavy metal journey. The fan base and success of their album grew to allow them to support such bands as Saxon, UFO, Skindred, Fozzy and so on.

I own both the EP and their debut album and have seen them live a fair few times now. Both on album and live they provide a special presence that has to be witnessed – these guys really know how to rock!

Ashley Edison – Vocals

Steve Main – Guitars

Tony Fuller – Guitars

Bradley Edison – Bass

Andy Finch – Drums

With previous material and some exceptional covers, the band definitely looked to be heavily influenced by Iron Maiden. Something that is still present but heavily changed with ‘Pillars of Creation’. Dendera have put their hearts and souls into this album and it really does scream of their skill, potential and growth.

The music and production on this album are solid and tight with some incredible riffs thrown in-between. The lyrics and vocals can honestly speak for themselves.

The recent and unexpected departure of Tony hasn’t left anyone worried, although fans are incredibly sad to see him go, he had a lot of input with Pillars and I see it as his parting gift to us. Whilst the band start the hunt for another member, the promotion of their album begins, due for release on 22nd June 2015 I can honestly say I will be at their launch party in London ready to add a copy to my collection.

I would suggest checking these guys out as they are up and comers and great things are expected from them as time goes on..

Track Listing:

  1. Claim our Throne
  2. Bloodlust
  3. In High Tide
  4. Disillusioned
  5. The Daylight      Ending
  6. The Chosen One
  7. Unholy
  8. Edge of Tomorrow