Day Of The Beast – First Invocation EP.


Grab my Satanic Bible, light the candles on my alter and draw an upside down crucifix on my forehead. Now flow the sounds of Day Of The Beast in my ears. Day Of The Beast. The name says it all really. There is nothing nice to say about this band, except they are raw, dirty, messy, occult driven, Anti-Christian Black Metal musicians doing it OH SO RIGHT! This type of Black Metal is not meant to be nice.

Day Of The Beast have only recently formed in 2017, out of Dunkirk north of France.

This sadistic band is made up of; Hades on guitars, Demoniac on vocals and bass and Sheogorath on drums.

These 3 bad arse musicians give us a wonderfully dark and gritty Black Metal experience with 3 tracks on their debut EP; First Invocation, released in December 2018. While it might only be 3 tracks for now, this sure did leave a mark on my black little heart.

The EP is riddled with; Bastard Jesus Christ (that name!), Perversion De Sade and Decent Into Hell and all 3 tracks are sure to satisfy the darkness in the souls of the sombre and sinful Black Metal listener by curing those cravings we often chase in this sub-genre.

The track Bastard Jesus Christ is so intensely executed by all band members. Considering there is only 3 of these guys who make this band what it is, the sound is of nasty proportions. Day Of The Beast have subtle influences of an old school Black Metal style that can be regularly heard and felt throughout this EP. This truly is a nostalgic touch, however they still showcase their own original production. The urgency in which the vocals are delivered by Demoniac gave me such a sense of disdain and disgust. This track is delivered with loads of conviction, both vocally, lyrically and musically.

Track Perversion de Sade, well, well, well – to those not familiar with Black Metal and how crude and vile it can be, this could possibly shock the unsuspecting listener, because yes, yes you can clearly understand these lyrics and as sick as I might be, they were on point for what this band is trying to do and ticked all the boxes for me. This is what I want when it comes down to the unholy, the raw, the filthy Black Metal. Some might say lyrics like this could put you in Jail, and if it did – well two words: Black Metal. Aside from the shock and controversy that this band clearly wanted to bring with the lyrics to this track, this is great listen for its exceptional vocal style, drum track and blackened stiff riffs.

Enter track, Decent into Hell. Its heavy, and moody sound sets the dark theme and builds nicely, establishing anticipation for the onslaught of Black Metal scream savagery. Decent Into Hell feels less unrelenting to begin with before a great tempo change up around half way in smashed me with hectic blast beats and Black Metal growls & screams. This track grew on me more as I immersed deeper into it.

I struggle to choose my favourite out of the 3 tracks on this EP. Day Of The Beast have written these tracks to stand out on their own. Well done.

Fans of the old school Black Metal such as Celtic Frost and Venom are sure to properly enjoy Day Of The Beast as will fans of the Godless, impure sounds of this style of black metal. Your dark hearted and soulless hunger will be fulfilled.

Day Of The Beast’s EP; First Invocation is available on BandCamp.

These 3 lads from Dunkirk are busy writing material for their first full length album, which is good news to me. I’m really eager to hear more.

I wish them all the success, and I am intrigued to hear what they produce for us next!