Besieged were formed back in 2012 in Birmingham and they have some prominent members that some old school bangers may recognise. Featuring Dan Rose (Anaal Nathrakh), Ashley Guest (Benediction) and Matt Ensor (Shebrew) and the founding members Jez and Barney. Besieged are on a warpath to annihilate the rumours that the UK extreme metal scene is dead!

Besieged are definitely one of the fiercest, brutal, Death/Thrash bands I’ve heard in a long time. The 6 track EP is entitled Aggressor, and I kid you not, if you are a fan of hardened Death/Thrash with blistering riffs, high velocity drumming, aggressive vocals smashed in to your ears, then you’re going to love this! Guaranteed 100% pure eargasm. Imagine such classics thrash albums like Pleasure to Kill, but heavier, Fabulous Disaster, but faster, or Destruction’s Infernal Overkill but more technical, or dare I even compare to Slayer’s Hell Awaits ? Yet more aggressive! Combine the classics of death and thrash genre, pick out all the awesome aspects smash it into one pot and add some British spirit and then you have Besieged – Aggressor EP.

I must order a copy for the car. Simply amazingly brutal EP that I’ve been waiting for, for a long long time. Now that Bolt Thrower have sadly retired, Besieged are my favourites to take the UK extreme title and fly the flag.