Review by Bianca DelCarmen
Photos: David Devo Oosthuizen
Stage, Theatre Runs Red & Crowd photos Bianca DelCarmen

Metalheads united last weekend on Friday 28th November at Carfax for an incredible show brought to us by Witchdoctor Productions. The almighty Behemoth, a Blackened Death Metal band hailing from Poland, Konkhra the Danish death Metallers and our very own black metal band Theatre Runs Red from Durban brought us some of the most incredible live metal acts we have witnessed here in South Africa.

Final preparations were underway whilst the eager fans queued outside waiting to enter the venue. When the doors opened, fans made their way to bar to grab a much needed beer and then moved towards the stage to watch the opening act Theatre Runs Red. They took control of the stage and put on an epic performance, showing us what they are capable of, how they have grown in the past few years and their outstanding professionalism at all times. You could see the hard work they put into their stage performance and appearance. Their set was shortened due to a slight delay, however, even so they got the crowd headbanging in no time at all.

Behemoth then took the stage. The crowd is chanting, they are welcoming them. Suddenly you hear Nergal shout out “Good evening Johannesburg!” I have to pinch myself to remind me this is real! The backing music slowly builds up to the first song. If any band can put on such an epic performance it’s Behemoth, they proved they are a driving force in extreme music and the ambience that emanates from the stage and specifically from Nergal infects each and every single person in the crowd. Their performance was tight and every song played flowed into one another, absolutely flawless! They played songs from their new album “The Satanist” as well as various tracks from their previous albums, a well thought out set list no doubt giving the fans something old and something new!

One of the highlights of the show was their encore. The crowd were shouting the usual SA encore chant, “we want more, we want more” and after a couple of minutes the stage goes dark… Everything suddenly turns red and from the smoke they appear wearing horned cloaks leaving fans in complete awe!

Behemoth put on a powerful and exhilarating show. I cannot wait to catch another show of theirs in the near future!

The final act for the night was Danish Death metal band Konkhra. They took to the stage with enthusiasm and energy even though the crowd had emptied out a bit. They managed to get the crowd revved up and going ballistic to their old school death metal tracks. Those who remained got a killer show and it was well worth it!

 By the time they got into their third song they had the entire floor space turned into a headbanging/moshing frenzy. They went through their set with amazing energy. Their setlist was brutal with great growling vocals and it delivered their true death metal style. It looked like they were having fun and they interacted very well with the crowd.

A big thanks to the Witchdoctor Productions team for putting together such an incredible show and for busting their balls to bring such high quality international metal to our country! You guys have proven that you are a force to be reckoned with and have done us proud! Thanks as well to David Devo Oosthuizen for the amazing photos of the Johannesburg show!

Keep a look out at the Witchdoctor Website and Facebook page for updates on the upcoming shows for 2015, it’s going to be an epic year with Ministry, Witchfest Open Air, At The Gates and Eluveitie. Need I say more!?

Check out these amazing photographs our very own David Devo Oosthuizen took  wITCHDOCTOR PRODUCTIONS:

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