Automaton is a one-man project created by Nate Exx Gradowski. The album is entitled Sub Coma, and deals with a futuristic world, where deranged robots take over the earth as we know it. It could happen any day really, its an interesting thought, what would really happen if this really became reality?! Sub Coma is the forth episode of concept albums, the first was Automaton, the second, Human Purge and the third is entitled A New Life.

The Sci-Fi metal genre is a genre that seems to be overlooked by many. I know there are a lot of bands in Australia that are doing really well with this style of music. Bands such as Synthetic Breed and Gods of Eden have certainly been flying the flag down under, keeping the scene alive.

The first track is also the title track/Intro Sub Coma. The track reminds me of early Fear Factory, De-manufacture era, mixed with power metal elements, a raw Death/Cynic heaviness, which sets the tone nicely for the rest of the album. Automaton have incorporated another level of aggression to their sound, this being, a more Black Metal vocal growl together with the softer, clean singing vocals. The more I listen to the album, the more I hear other influences that I had missed on previous hearings. I can hear some doomy, Tiamat, Paradise Lost and Strapping Young Lad, all very well established acts, but combined with this style of music, it takes an even heavier edge on an already heavy album! This album is simply nothing short of awesome! Excellent song writing techniques, great guitar work, and combined with the keyboard effects, you really do feel like you are a part of the whole story line.

I can strongly recommend Automaton’s Sub Coma to anyone who is a fan of Industrial, Sci-Fi.