Atorc were formed back in 2011 in Suffolk, England. Already in their short career, the six piece band have managed to gather a  substantial amount of fellow Pagans to follow them on their tales of wenches, swords and ale. Atorc don’t possess the typical Folk metal attributes, they keep their sound quite simple using only guitars, bass, violins, keyboards and drums.

I must admit that I stopped listening to Folk metal many years ago as most of the bands all tried to sound like Skyklad, but Atorc have nothing really in common with other folk metal bands apart from maybe the topics of the lyrics. Musically Atorc have a distinctive 80’s vibe, indeed, the vocals sound very 80’s in the form of early Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford and Jeff Scott Sotto. Musically the Seven Tales of swords and ale is out of this world! They have created what could almost be described as Yngwie J Malmsteen plays Folk metal. The guitar work really is outstanding, reminiscent of the mid 80’s where metal guitarists actually wrote excellent riffs and solos. Scallywag is an extremely talented axe-man who knows how to execute with his weapon of choice. Another interesting aspect is the backing vocals, to further enhance Hellbeard’s excellent vocals, Boudikath adds a feminine touch to the vocals and then there’s the guttural growls of The Battlebeast. Atorc really have all dimensions covered within their camp, the violins and keyboards are not overpowering as so many bands choose to have. Atorc are set to continue on their pillaging and ale drinking rampage throughout the metal world.

Be sure that Atorc will be a name to watch out for, as they are already on a mission to spread their Seven Tales of  Swords and Ale.